Tag: things the church does wrong

"I think the overriding value in a lot of evangelical churches is to set the bar as low as possible in order to get as many as we can to engage. And because we keep the bar so low, we never really expect much from church attendees. We don't expect that they'll be trained in the full Christian worldview, with a healthy understanding of scripture...we don't expect them to learn, nor do we expect them to change. So, I think we've created this tension between wanting to have a big church, and wanting to have committed and deep disciples of Jesus. And I would argue that in far too many of our churches, we've focused on the size of our churches rather than the depth of our disciples."
~ Skye Jethani
"If we're honest, most of us have a double standard when it comes to God and the problem of evil. We are quick to complain about the problem of evil when others are doing evil that affects us...but we don't have that same complaint about the evil we freely choose to do that brings us pleasure. It's inconsistent and hypocritical to say that we always want God to stop one but not the other."
~ Greg Koukl
"My advice to the American church would be simply this: you don't have to be so scared. Sometimes you can lose legislative force and political force, and yet not lose the force of the gospel. Classical historians are still baffled at how the early church completely transformed the Roman Empire with no political or legislative power. Some would venture to say that it was miraculous."
~ John Dickson (an Australian Christian apologist)
"Much of the American church has abandoned the idea that people's desires need to be transformed. Instead, we try to figure out what people desire, and then we tell them that Jesus is the way to get it. That's how we get people to come to our churches. But we rarely get to the place where we point out that what we should desire most is Jesus Himself."
~ Skye Jethani