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Ep 5 – “Sex And Marriage”

Marriage sex…is it boring…or naw? Felicia and Wayne answer this loaded question, and also deal with unrealistic expectations, setting the “mood”, and why sex God’s way isn’t just proper…it’s BETTER! Advertisements

"When you've been raised in or around the church, it's very easy to take in a whole lot of head knowledge and intellectualize your faith. It's easy to follow a bunch of Christian rules and just strive to be a better person. There comes a point, however, when you look deeper and realize that this just isn't working...and that it's actually not supposed to work like that. Everything changes when you let go and accept the fact that you can't live up to God's standards on your own. And ironically, when you acknowledge your failure, and focus on your relationship with Jesus, He actually enables you to meet the standard."
~ Phil Vischer