My Family and Me…

So first off, just a few tidbits about me…I’m the son of a pastor,img_1136 and was raised in a loving home firmly rooted in the Word of God. I thank my mother and father to this day for the building blocks they laid for my own personal walk with Jesus. 

I’ve got a maturing little brother who, despite our vast personality differences, has actually grown to be one of my closest confidants.img_0683

img_0492I’m the proud father of two lovely and vibrant daughters, and the honored and privileged husband of a woman whose inward and outward beauty never ceases to amaze me.img_0427

And if you think that any of those wonderful things are because of how great a guy I am…you’d be wrong.

The truth is this: despite being raised in the church, I spent a large portion of my life at arms-length from Jesus. Sure, I had a good handle on who He is, respected Him a great deal, and was good at keeping up appearances…but deep down, I knew I was an empty shell with an equally empty relationship with Him. It wasn’t until several years ago, early on in my adult life, that I began to learn what it means to really lay down my life for Him, and to walk closely with Him everyday.

So, in actuality, all anyone really needs to know about me is that Jesus saved me from my sin and from myself…and I’m running after Him with reckless abandon.

Everyday, I’m becoming more and more fascinated with Him, and by His grace, I’m learning how to love Him with all my heart, my mind, and my strength.

I just pray that He will use my life (and these written words) to point everyone I meet to Him.