A Hebrew word that literally means “skull”…also known as Calvary, the hill where Jesus Christ was crucified. It is a place associated with suffering, death, and sacrifice.

And it’s the perfect word to associate with marriage, right?

My wife and I think so.

Not because marriage is supposed to be some ghastly, desolate, miserable experience; the exact opposite is true! But God designed marriage to be an ongoing demonstration of self-sacrifice...and there is no greater example of self-sacrifice than the crucifixion of Jesus.

One of my wife’s favorite quotes (author unknown) puts it into perspective: “Marriage is itself a form of crucifixion…the dying of two wills so that the two become one”.

Hence, the title of this Vlog: Marriage @ Golgotha.

Don’t panic, everyone. Wifey and I promise that this project will be a whole lot of fun! We’re just committed to making sure that we bring it all back to the cross.

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