In their kickoff podcast episode, Felicia and Wayne talk about the unique ingredients they each brought to their marriage…their family backgrounds, different personalities, and other odds and ends.

Then, they chat about how God brought it all together.

Written by Wayne

Wayne is a husband, father, avid reader and writer, and youth minister who happens to believe that Jesus is central to every aspect of life…the individual, family, society, government, philosophy, the arts…and everything in between. He’s committed to challenging preconceived notions about what it means to follow Jesus, and seeks to engage the culture instead of running from it.


  1. Love the authenticity of the podcast. Oftentimes we preconceived ideas about marriage until we get in it and realize otherwise 😊. This is especially true in the church. Thanks for being open and sincere in sharing what God gave y’all to share with the world.

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