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Three Days Freed

I have an Easter tradition. Every year, the Saturday before Easter, I sit down and watch the old Charleton Heston Ten Commandments movie. Now, saying that, some of you reading this are judging me. Yes, it’s incredibly cheesy and the special effects are really bad, but I love it. I can’t help but cheer when Moses goes toe to toe with the Pharaoh or when Moses stretches out his staff and the Red Sea parts in two. If you haven’t seen it, you could probably find it in a $5 movie bin at your local Walmart (just saying).

One of my favorite things about the movie is that you really get to see slavery. You get to see how God’s people felt in slavery. The brokenness that comes with having no freedom.  The hopelessness that they felt thinking that God had deserted them.

And that is why I rejoice when…

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Written by Wayne

Wayne is a husband, father, avid reader and writer, and youth minister who happens to believe that Jesus is central to every aspect of life…the individual, family, society, government, philosophy, the arts…and everything in between. He’s committed to challenging preconceived notions about what it means to follow Jesus, and seeks to engage the culture instead of running from it.

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